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Animal Conservation

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Mission Wildlife helps save imperiled species by supporting proven, dedicated professionals and organizations in the field.

Ewaso Lions Success Story, Part 1

Listen as Shivani shares her excitement at seeing lions in the Ewaso Lions conservation area near camp.

Ewaso Lions Success Story, Part 2

One cub, two cub, three cubs pop out!

Ewaso Lions Success Story, Part 3

“They’ve done it; they’ve actually raised these little cubs…in such a challenging environment.”

Ewaso Lions Success Story, Part 4

Watch in awe as a beautiful lioness and her cubs roam their habitat in Africa.

Saving Orang-utans

Learn about HUTAN’s vision of "creating ways for people and animals to live peacefully together."

The Orangutan Research Team

Follow along: a day in the life of the HUTAN Orang-utan Research Team.

A Tiny Oasis for the Spectacled Bear

Spectacled Bear Conservation, one of Mission Wildlife’s beneficiaries in 2022, protects this vulnerable species in northern Peru by working with local communities and creating protected areas.

Is That Camera For Me?

Three spectacled bears explore their habitat, and the camera, in this video provided by Spectacled Bear Conservation. According to SBC, one of Mission Wildlife’s beneficiaries in 2022, the spectacled bear population in South America is down to just 18,000 individuals.

Los Osos de Anteojos

"Los Osos de Anteojos," ("The Spectacled Bears") is a film that tells the incredible and inspiring story of two conservationists who had the “crazy idea to go looking for these bears” in the dry forest of Batan Grande in northern Peru. Robyn Appleton and Javier Vallejos Guerrero found spectacled bears, but they were literally starving to death. Watch how Robyn and Javier turn heartache into hope by creating Spectacled Bear Conservation, an organization dedicated to protecting this vulnerable species through habitat protection, education, and collaboration with local communities and landowners.

Wild Earth Allies Camera Trap

Check out the camera traps of Wild Earth Allies in action, monitoring the earth's most threatened animals.

Grauer’s Gorillas

Incredible footage of Grauer’s gorillas in their natural habitat is captured by the camera traps of Wild Earth Allies.